Boxing Day 2017: Day after Christmas Day

Boxing Day (26nd December) is celebrated as the holiday the day after Christmas Day. Firstly, it was originated from the United Kingdom and later celebrated by other countries which were previously part of the British empire. In some European countries like Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and Nordic Countries Boxing Day is celebrated as Second Christmas Day.

Why is it called Boxing day?

Somewhere in Britain, on a day after Christmas Day servants were given the holiday to visit their homes to celebrate Christmas with their families and Each servant would be handed with a box containing gifts, Bonuses, and some leftover food a day before.
A box to collect money for the poor traditionally and placed in Churches on Christmas day and opened the next day is also known as Boxing Day.

Boxing Day in Ireland:

In Ireland, Boxing Day is known as "St Stephen day." He was killed a stoned death as he believed in Jesus.
Activities During Boxing Day:

It is time to spend with family and friends and especially with those not seen on Christmas day. Horse racing event is the popular game with meets all over the country. Other than this football game is also famous among the peoples.

Boxing Day is also a time When Brits show their eccentricity by taking part in the different bizarre tradition. Boxing Day is also a day for Shoppers. Price deduction attracts the buyers, and they even queue for hours before the shops to buy.

Where is Boxing Day also Celebrated?

Boxing Day is also a common tradition. Many countries celebrate boxing day after Christmas day. Countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They always celebrate the day like celebrated in the UK.

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