Exotic Erotic Ball Event USA

Perry Mann organized the first Exotic Erotic Ball in 1979 to raise campaign funds for his business partner and best friend, the late Louis Abolafia, who ran for President of the United States under the Nudist Party with the slogan: “I have nothing to hide.”  Louis also coined the phrase, “Make love, not war!” and his legendary Greenwich Village love-ins inspired the New York press to crown him “The Love King.” Abolafia had previously run in 1968 under the Cosmic Love Party, even then with the slogan "What have I got to hide?"
It was held annually around Halloween time in the San Francisco Bay area of California and was the longest-running public adult-themed event in the world. Over three decades, the annual indoor event became a major attraction in the San Francisco Bay. It  was attended by nearly half a million people since its inception with steadily increasing growth in attendance each year until 2010, when the event was cancelled due to poor ticket sales and cost overruns. The 2011 ball was never planned.
Due to the worldwide popularity of the event the City of San Francisco issued three proclamations for “Exotic Erotic Ball Day”. In 2011 and 2012, similar but unrelated events, Masqu erotica and the XO Ball & Expo, respectively, filled the void left by the demise of the original Exotic Erotic.
While the Exotic Erotic Ball by definition would be considered a “Festival” the event is rarely categorized into conventional terms by attendees, the media, or event organizers. Because of the broad spectrum of conventional and unconventional entertainment offered on multiple stages at the Exotic Erotic Ball. In 2008, 26,341 people participated in the combined Exotic Erotic Ball and Exotic Erotic Expo.
In 2001, Mann released the book The Exotic Erotic Ball: Twenty Years of the World's Sexiest Party. Perry Mann: "My late partner's Louis' expression 'Make Love, Not War' was once the rallying cry of a generation. I don't think that message has ever been more timely or important than it is today, and I don't think our show has ever been a more needed diversion."

In September 2011, Mann announced that they were "pursuing an international opportunity" and "editing our 30-year documentary" but not producing an event. They did recommend a new event called: Masqu erotica, to be held on October 22, 2011 at The Concourse in San Francisco—one of the old Ball's longtime venues. In an announcement posted on the Exotic Erotic Ball's Website, Mann promised, "You'll see a lot of familiar faces ... and other body parts." Masqu erotica is produced by different local event producers and other than being recommended by Mann has no affiliation to the Exotic Erotic Ball. Another similar but unrelated event, held in September 2012 at Cow Palace, is the XO Ball and Expo.  

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