History of good Friday | When is Good Friday 2018

Good Friday, one of the most important day in the year from all the Christians around the world. There are many debates on why it called good Friday when the reason for it was the death of Jesus. Jesus died at that day by crucifying and this why it was celebrated as Good Friday.

Why does it call good Friday?

One of the reason would be misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the word throughout the century. It was maybe god’s Friday but later it would call as good Friday. The corruption of words which become gods too good.

But many people think that it was unappropriated, after all, what is so good about the death of Jesus but there are many arguments too. Some said it was an ultimate sacrifice by God himself for our sins. Some say if it wasn’t for good Friday they won't be Easter which is the day following the death of Jesus. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whatever the reason may be, billions of Christians all around the world and USA celebrate this day.

How to celebrate Good Friday?

As it’s a not a day to celebrate still people remember the son of God who gave his life and teaches a valuable lesson to humanity. Most Christians go to church and sing hymn and pry. Most people wear colorless cloths or black to mourn the death of god. Candle won't is lit near the cross and most people fasting and abstinence. But you can eat fish but not meat like chicken and other as they do during Lent. There is significance to eat Hot Cross Bun also.

History of good Friday

The story is well known as it was the beginning of everything. Jesus was betrayed by his own disciple Judas and which led him to be arrested by royal soldiers. Then he was charged with blasphemy and crucified. Its one of the saddest day in the history but the turning point of Christianity as from there when he was brought to the tomb in a shroud, wrapped in it, next day when Mary Magdalene visited the tomb, he was not there. Jesus was resurrected as he said before.

It’s a holiday in USA and around the world on good Friday also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Black Friday. The date of good Friday would change every year as it depends on lunar calendar. In 2018, good Friday is on 30th march.

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