What is St. Patrick’s Day ? When is St. Patrick’s Day 2018?

St. Patrick’s Day, it’s one of the most celebrated day even if it's not a holiday, it has been celebrating for more than a century. People would wait for the parades and join it to celebrate the birth of Saint Patrick. It is one of the days when people remember the Saint Patrick and their Irish heritage.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was Christian missionary who is one of the first to spread Christianity in Ireland. He died in Ireland on 17th March and that is why every year on 17th march known as St. Patrick’s Day. He was born in a wealthy family in the 5th century and at age of 16, he was kidnapped by pagans. For next six-year, he works as a shepherd and that is when he found the god and then run away to Ireland.
In his 30 years of work, he converted whole Ireland to Christianity and open schools and missionary all around the country. That is why he was one of the most revered saints in Christianity. From 9th and 10th century, people of Ireland celebrate the day as Feast of Saint Patrick.

St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebration

The celebration and parade were first organized in America 1762, when Irish solder in English army march through the new york with their bagpipes and music, later in 1848 New York Irish Aid societies decided to hold one big parade rather many small ones.

Today the St. Patrick’s parade in America is one of the oldest and biggest parades. 150,000 people participate in the parade and more than 3 million people line through the 1.5-mile parade to watch it. it would take five hours to complete the parade and many cities in America organized parade too.
One of the uniqueness of the day is to wear green. Why people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day you might ask? It was started in the 17th century as it has rooted Ireland as island flag have green color in it. also, it’s the color of shamrock which was used by Saint Patrick to explain the holy trinity to people of Ireland.

Do you know they have dyed the river in green in 1962? It was one of the unique ways to celebrate the Saint Patrick day and from then, every year they dyed the Chicago River in green. Although they make sure to use green vegetable dye and in less quantity so it won't affect the and pollutes the river.
One of the reasons to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day is to drink Irish beer and cider. As the restriction of drinking is varied off for Lenten, drinking Irish whiskey and beer is part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

It’s a day to celebrate the Irish in you. to celebrate and remember the Saint Patrick and have a feast in their name. America has always opened their heart to people outside and Irish are one of them who came to America in their troubled time. It’s the reason to celebrate and strengthen the relationship with each other.

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