What is Cyber Monday? When Is cyber Monday 2018 ?

Cyber Monday, which is on following the tradition of Black Friday, happens to be after the Thanksgiving weekend. The name Cyber Monday suggest that it has to do with the internet. That is why it doesn’t have any long history.

Where is the name Cyber Monday came from?

The name Cyber Monday was coined by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman in 2005 to make people shop more online. It made an overnight sensation and become one of the biggest shopping online days of the year.

Now hundreds of websites are offering deals online and last year, American people spend more than $6.5 billions on Cyber Monday deal which was record-breaking. There are many reasons that people are opting for cyber Monday and not the regular black Friday deals.

When you can get anything from your phone or laptop, why bother going there. Especially in the festival season when you cannot find parking space and traffic is just hectic. American people are turning to cyber Mondays because for the same reasons. They don’t want to stand in line, they don’t want to get in a store which is filled with hundreds of people. They want the same deal but from the internet.

What makes cyber Monday special?

If we can answer it in one word, discount. All the online stores would be offering mobile and TV and laptops at ridiculous price that anyone could go for it. more than that, they offer free shipping too. Some of the website who have offered free shipping get more number of order as people are looking for a way to get their products in cheap.

Cyber Monday is not a traditionally originated day, but it would be one of the most awaited days. The reason behind this would be timing. They know that people have already tried their luck in black Friday and most people have to go home without anything. That is why they offer great deals and discounts on following Monday, as we know that after Thanksgiving, its official Christmas shopping time, people would go for the Cyber Monday.

One of the reasons it is getting insanely popular is because of social networks. Companies post their discounted price on their Facebook page or twitter handle and people who follow them get to know first. They have been waiting for it whole weekend and when the sale begins they just go for it.
Most cyber Monday sale begins at 12 am-midnight, sometimes they even begin earlier. Most people tend to do shopping in the morning or launch hours, but most rushed was get at midnight when people get back from their work and shop at Cyber Monday deals.

People love to shop online because you can compare price and see the detail and review, you can also use coupons there. Most of that cannot be done at a real store, you don’t have enough time in black Friday and that is why people love to shop on Cyber Monday. 

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