What is Black Friday? When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday, we always wondered where this name came from? What was it relate to? What was happen? But all our thoughts went away on same black Friday when we are standing on the line or nowadays, holding cards in our hands in front of PC to grab a good deal.

Black Friday isn’t a holiday, well not by law but it is by nature of people. The problem begins in the 50s when factory worker skips the day after Thanksgiving and call in sick. Now you can imagine, getting your half of the worker falling sick, you must know that it was just a way to extend their holiday to four.

Why did it call black Friday?

There are more than just one reason. As no one knows where this term “Black Friday” came from, everyone has their own version of Black Friday story. One of the oldest and credible stories is about gold price crashes on Friday. Although it happened on September 24, 1869, somehow it was connected to the black Friday.

Another theory was related to big traffic jams day after the Thanksgiving and all the police officer have to be on the job as it will be busy day and traffic would be chaotic. Police have said it to be the black Friday. Another theory was connected with factory maintenance. As they maintain and clean their factory the day after Thanksgiving Day and that is why it called black Friday.

One theory was surface on the internet that black Friday was related to slave traders as they would give discount next day of thanksgiving, well there was no proof to back that story but one version of the origin of black friends look legit. The day after Thanksgiving is the first day of Christmas shopping, which mean after waiting the whole year and losing profits, finally store owner would gain profit.

In terms of business, the loss would be inked in red and profit in black. So, it would shift from red to black and that is why its called black Friday. One thing we know for sure that it doesn’t matter where this word came from, all we want to find out is where we get the most discount.

A modern interpretation of Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is when anticipation crimes begin, and most people started their shopping. Parades were organized and at the end of the parade, there will be Santa. That is why they would say Santa is just around the corner. In 1924, Macy's sponsored the New York Christmas parade to celebrate their success and it has brought them more customer ever. That is when business owner understands the value of advertising and discounts.

Now we have big sales and discount on black Friday. There are big lines outside stores and most stories are opened early like 5 am or 6 am. There are many cases of violence and stampede too as people who waited whole night outside the store won't bother to watch and wait.

Ultimately, black Friday, which is on 4th Friday of November just the next day of Thanksgiving Day is the day you will go shopping. Even if it's not a holiday, employees get paid leave and it would be celebrated as a holiday.

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