World international forest day , Why it is celebrated?

world international forest day: the day to remember and preserve our forest. It was first suggested in 1970 but it was recognized by UN in 2012. Every year on 21st March, we celebrate world international forest day.

History Of world international forest day

The World Forestry Day was established in the year 1971 at the 23rd General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture. Later on, it was established by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization on November 28, 2012.

The world forest day was built on the foundation of 6 forest day which was celebrated through 6 years before UN can recognize its importance. Here is the list of forest day by year and place.
Forest Day 1: Bali, Indonesia (2007)
Forest Day 2: Poznań, Poland (2008)
Forest Day 3: Copenhagen, Denmark (2009)
Forest Day 4: Cancún, Mexico (2010)
Forest Day 5: Durban, South Africa (2011)
Forest Day 6: Doha, Qatar (2012)
During the last forest day in 2012 in Qatar which was held on 26 November to 7 December 2012, UN announces 21st March as world forest day.

Why World Forest Day Is Celebrated

We know that forest is a vital part of our ecosystem. Every year 13 million hectares (32 million acres) of forests are lost which is almost the size of England. When we cut down the trees and we are lost the forest as well as animals and unique ecosystem that is survived and thrived under it.
Forest is part of our life way before we become human. It provides us wood, water, food, shelter and most importantly breathable oxygen. By cutting down trees and destroying forest we are increasing carbon footprint on the earth.
We have now more than 7 billion people resides on the planted and to provide oxygen to them, we need more forest. Forest is also a place for unique animals and tree species which are there for millions of years. They mold themselves as it is throughout the evolution and when we destroy the forest we lost them in the process.

How World Forestry Day Is Celebrated

world international forest day make us recognized the effort and blessing we are receiving from the forest. By celebrating it in every schools and college, we make aware of our future generation that how important role plays in the forest. Every year on March 21st, all around the world millions of people plants the trees to sustain our ecosystem and feel the gap between the overwhelming destruction of the forest.

Local school teacher to environmentalist visit community and schools and urge them to save our forest. They would explain how we are losing the forest and what cataphoric event could occur if we keep losing them. They would spread awareness and urge them to plant more trees and save our forest.

They would explain the benefit of forest and trees like they can hold the soil so it won't washed down the flood and our land remained in good condition. Trees would cancel the noise pollution and give fruits and vegetables to the local community.

There are thousands of benefits of forest and we all should help to save the forest. That is why we celebrate world forest day every year.

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