What is Easter 2018 & When is Easter 2018 ?

Easter, it’s the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter comes after Good Friday which is the day when Jesus was crucified. Christian celebrates this all around the world as Easter. Easter in 2018 will be on Sunday, April 1st. nowadays it would be celebrated with Easter Eggs and Easter bunny but the reason behind it would be the same.

History of Easter

It was dated back 2000 year when Jesus was captured and crucified, that day would know as good Friday. After that, their follower takes their body in a cave and cover the door. Three days later when they enter again in that place, they see that Jesus is not there and the day is celebrated as the new birth of Jesus. The three days are known by the Church as the Easter Triduum.

How is Easter celebrated?

Easter is a day of joy and happiness as Jesus has finally risen and resurrected. The celebration starts at midnight before the Easter. Churches are filled with flowers and they lit candles. Children play the Easter Egg finding. The Easter Egg represent the vacant tomb of Jesus. Parents hide the Easter Egg and the children would try to find it the whole day.

Why is Easter connected with Bunny?

Easter bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter. It was originated in Germany as Easter hare. The bunny is symbolic which brings Easter Egg to children who behave well just like Santa Clause. Easter is the day of Jesus was being reborn but there is no connection between the Easter and Bunny.
The Easter bunny legends came in 1700 century when German immigrant told the story of Easter Bunny who lay colorful Eggs night before the Easter. So that children would make a nest for them. Easter bunny would bring them chocolates and gift as well.

When is Easter 2018?

Good Friday 2018 is on Friday 30 March and two days later Easter 20018 is on Monday 1st April.

Why is Easter date keep changing?

Easter is not a fixed dated holiday and keeps changing. We would know the final Easter date 2 weeks before the Easter. In 725, Bede succinctly wrote, "The Sunday following the full Moon which falls on or after the equinox will give the lawful Easter”. Which mean Easter could come between 22 March to 25 April.

The reason behind it would be the Hebrew calendar which is similar to a lunisolar calendar. The day Jesus was crucified was Friday and three days later Jesus risen from the dead which is known as Easter.

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