What is Presidents day? When is President Day 2019?

Presidents day, nowadays it seems like every other day is the president’s day, but the original purpose of the president’s day was to celebrate our president and keep them in our memory. But did you know that it was moved, more than once?

History of president’s day somewhat looks like a plot from Hollywood drama. If you search for president’s day and found a Wikipedia page, it will redirect you to Washington's Birthday. Because that is when all of this begins. The person who inspired us to celebrate not only one, but every single president in the history of united states.

For our love and admiration of Washington, it was declared a holiday way back in 1879. But it was started before that in the year 1800 after just two months of demise, people would celebrate his birthday. One of the most interesting things about president’s day is, it was not a holiday for 6 years after they have recognized it to celebrate it in 1879.

But that again, if something is connected to the president of the united states, it must have a controversy and twist too. Originally it was stated at 22nd February but then in 1971, it was moved to third Monday of February. Do you know why they moved presidents day? Well because it was a holiday.

The reason behind it would surprise you, as they have decided to move it on third Monday because of Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Which mean to add more three-day holiday. That is a good thing that now we can have a three day and also, we can celebrate Washington's birthday, yes it was still celebrated as George Washington birthday and not as presidents day. But did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th February but not all state would celebrate his birthday?

So, they have decided to merge Washington and Lincoln birthday as one and celebrate both president’s birthday on third Monday of every February. Not until 1980, Washington birthday was celebrated as president’s day and then it becomes one of the days when we remember our president and their achievement. It becomes a day when we celebrate patriotism and remembrance.

Later it becomes a holiday and to boost the retail sales, so it would be a day to celebrate and go shopping as you can get a great deal on that day. The movement to celebrate president’s day and not just Washington's birthday really warmed up after the 2000s. now we know that how Washington birthday inspires people to celebrate life and hard work of every president.

One of the fun fact, even our two presidents, William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan was born in February, their birthday never came into president’s day, they come too early or too late.

So that is how we get a 3-day holiday, a day when we can get a great discount, a day which help us lot in the history for its significant effects, a day when we teach our children about all of the past presidents. It just took 2 century and migration of Washington's birthday which leads us to our presidents day. 

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