What is Valentines Day? Why it is celebrated , When is Valentines Day 2019?

Valentine’s Day, it’s the day to confess your love or celebrate your love. In united state, its celebrate by taking your partner to dinner or give them gift and chocolates. It's not a holiday and it came on every 14th February every year. Not only in the USA but its widely celebrated around the world.

Origin of Valentine’s Day

There are legends and story behind the Saint Valentine as they were three saints recognized by the roman catholic church. One of the stories was from a 3rd century when a Roman emperor declared that no young man gets to married as it will deter their attention and person without any attachment would fight well in the war. Saint Valentine would help people and marry them in secret. Later he was found and put to death.

Another story was about Valentine who helps escape people from Roam under one emperor. He was captured and sent to jail. There he falling love with jailers daughter who visits him often. He sent a letter to her and write “from your Valentine” that phase is still in use and become one of the most used lines in greeting cards.

A celebration of Valentine’s Day across the world

In the US and all around the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th February of every year. People would go out on the meal and surprise their loved one with gifts and cards. It’s a day to celebrate love and confess your love to someone. In the USA, we would see a special discount on hotels and restaurant and gift shop. People gather together and celebrate it.

Many countries like India also celebrate it. as they have also “Vasant panchmi” which is the arrival of spring nearby the 14th February. In chine its called lovers' festival, in Latin America its called day of lovers.

Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love and togetherness. You would found heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and flowers in everyone's hand. It’s the day when you can appreciate the person you love and make sure they have a great day. Sending a card to the loved is dated back to 17th century and that tradition has been commercializing after world war 2.

Now a day, it becomes a big day for the company to sell their products by attaching the value of Valentine’s Day with it. they would air advertisement and put up a poster with hearts and teddy bear. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get married. People would plane their wedding months ago just to get married on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, man would gift their partner flowers chocolates, candy, lingerie, and champagne or sparkling wine. Most men bought jewelry too and that is why all the jewelry stores put up discount as well. Even if it's not a holiday, you would find all the restaurant mostly booked and people would go out and celebrate the day of love.

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